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IT GUILD offers world-class ServiceNow consulting and implementation services to help organizations achieve maximum business benefits out of the Now Platform in a short span of time. As a global ServiceNow solution provider, we helped our customers transform their enterprises’ service management and eliminate service bottlenecks in all functions of their business.

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IT Service Management is at the heart of every business where technology plays a major role. With critical business functions depending on IT Services to carry out their day to day operations, having a powerful ITSM becomes vital. ServiceNow offers one such best-in-class ITSM solution to help you transform your IT Services, align it with your business needs, and improve efficiency and user satisfaction.

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Security Operations solution from ServiceNow bridges the gap between security and IT to help you quickly detect, map and resolve threats before it causes a havoc in your infrastructure. Using ServiceNow’s intelligent work-flows and improve your security response time and efficiency manifold. Security incident response, vulnerability response and threat intelligence modules help you auyomatically identify and prioritize incidents to act on them immediately and avoid any service disruptions or potential fai user.

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You have a vision, we have a way to get you there
Start building your ServiceNow foundation the right way with IT GUILD, the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way to stand up ServiceNow and de­liver quick, meaningful wins.
Delivering the ServiceNow maturity roadmap аnd customizing the services to enhance effi¬ciency and improve ROI.
Automating processes that involve services and applications within and outside the ServiceNow environment for easier collaboration.
Enterprise integration
Integrating the existing applications, systems and the 3rd party tools within the ServiceNow Framework.
Monitoring the services 24*7 to ensure health, usage and overall SLA compliancy.
Managed services
Tailor-made solution that encompasses critical ServiceNow modules delivered as per customer's ease and cost structure.
We will provide a single system of record for your entire IT infrastructure, including on-premises and public/private clouds.
Largest project in CIS — Nornickel Holding. 80 000 emloyees, 90 companies.
First implementation of ServiceNow in FMCG sector in CIS — SPLAT Cosmetics.
First implementation of ServiceNow in Russian Federation and CIS — Sochi Autodrom.
First implementation of ServiceNow in Software Development sector in Russia Federation — T-Systems Rus.
Automation of very specific processes in Russia Airlines — Flight Missions Management.
IT Guild works with TransTelecom (Kazakhastan). IT Guild completed training, deployment and support of ServiceNow.
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We deliver ServiceNow® professional consulting and implementation services on and nearshore.